Secret Headquarters

Army of Nerds is a boutique online retailer of preloved books, games and music. We are based in glorious, glorious Newtown, Sydney.

We have an eye for stuff that is out of print or just plain hard to find, stuff that appeals to special interests and stuff that is just dang cool or left of field.

Dig our store on eBay for special interest non-fiction books, modern literature, and the odd cd and game.

Being nerds we take multiple photos of each and every item so you know exactly what you are getting. All our stock is hand-picked to keep the crud to a minimum and to make for interesting browsing. All orders are posted within 48 hours - rain, shine or hangover.

Our famous $10 all-you-can-eat Aussie postage deal also includes everything we have in stock in both of our sites.

By the way...

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Who the @#$*%! is Army of Nerds?

Army of Nerds is me (Shawn Gowans) with lots of help from my not-really-my-wife, (Alison Byrne), and an imaginary primate on work experience, Dr Pogo Baboon.

We have been selling online full-time since 2005 and have a 11,000+ 100% eBay feedback score. Folks seem to like what we do, and we certainly enjoy doing it.


Army of Nerds Statement of Beliefs

Army of Nerds staunchly believes in whatever you believe in, even if you don’t really believe it yourself. We believe that whatever you believe must be pretty good cause if we all believe the same thing, you might be more inclined to buy our stuff. If you decide you no longer believe in your own beliefs, let us know, we will sell out on our beliefs at the drop of a hat. Maybe we should be in politics. Should you have no beliefs at all, we are happy to sell you ours. Our very own spiritual guru, Mr Baby John Burgess, is available at special hourly rates.


Army of Nerds Corporate History

Army of Nerds founder, CEO and smoko boy, Shawn Gowans, began selling crap on the internet as a hobby as early as 2005. Only one year later, he had run out of stuff around the house to sell and the landlord wanted his floorboards back, so he registered a business and started buying and selling crap on the internet full time.

Revenues rocketed to astronomical levels and in just a short time, this business, Army of Nerds, was generating profits exceeding fortnightly dole payments (excluding rent assistance).

With so much success so quickly, Army of Nerds was swamped with offers from investors and lonesome sailors, and averted a hostile takeover by quickly changing lanes without indicating.

Despite the success, Army of Nerds remains fiercely independent, except on Thursday's when it needs to borrow the wife's car to go shopping, and has raised it's own capital to invest heavily in infrastructure including a fancy new modem and a fold-up trolley. Army of Nerds is now a huge multinational global corporation spanning all four corners of an inner city 2 bedroom unit.


Army of Nerds Staff

Army of Nerds is deeply patriotic and has so far resisted shareholder pressure to outsource it's workforce of one staff to India, and remains firmly entrenched in Sydney's inner west, where it has a nice view of the TAFE car park.

With such rapid growth in such a short space of time, Army of Nerds has recently restructured it's workforce, moving key personnel off the couch when the footy is on.

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